Sensory Art Boards

Donna Hensen’s Award-Winning Sensory Art BOARDS

If you are an art lover, or if you are looking for a meaningful piece to add to your home, then you should check out Donna Hensen’s award-winning sensory art boards.

Not only do these pieces stimulate your touch and sight receptors for ongoing pleasure, but each piece has a story that can touch your soul and make you feel connected.

The Feel of the Artwork
Donna Hensen is an Aboriginal artist who creates art pieces using traditional techniques she has learned from her elders. Her pieces are unique because they feature tactile elements that stimulate the brain and release dopamine—the feel-good chemical—into the body. Donna believes in creating artwork that engages with all senses, not just vision. From artboard to fabric, her artwork is designed to be felt as much as it is seen. Each piece tells its own story and conveys a powerful message of connection between people and their environment.

Tactile River
Sensory Art Print
The Meaningful Story Behind the Artwork In addition to creating powerful physical sensations, Donna also designs her artwork with a meaningful story behind it. She wants viewers of her works to be able to connect with them on a deeper level than just aesthetics alone. Every piece she creates tells its own unique story about life and our place within it; stories that have been passed down through generations of Aboriginal peoples in Australia. Through her work, Donna hopes to bring awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture while also stirring emotion within viewers so they can truly appreciate the beauty of the artwork before them. About the Art Boards