Donna Hensen is an Aboriginal artist who creates stunning hand-painted stones. These Aboriginal Hand-Painted Stones are perfect for events such as weddings or corporate functions where event holders want to give guests a unique, Aboriginal-inspired keepsake. By giving away Donna’s hand painted stones, guests have the opportunity to have their own special connection with the Aboriginal art created by this talented artist. 

Donna works in various mediums including painting, sculpture and stones. Her work often explores themes of identity, family, culture and tradition within the Australian Aboriginal community. She has been creating art since she was a child and has developed her own signature style of painting on stone surfaces over the years.

Donna’s hand painted stones are created specifically for events where event holders want to give something uniquely Aboriginal to all guests in attendance. The stones come in different sizes and colours depending on the type of event they are being used for. Each stone is individually crafted by Donna. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that celebrates the beauty of Indigenous art forms while also providing guests with something special that they can take home with them as a souvenir or keepsake of their experience at the event.

The Meaning Behind Donna’s Work
For Donna, creating these hand painted stones is about more than just making art; it’s about sharing stories and connecting people to Aboriginal culture through her artwork. As she says on her website, “My paintings tell stories that evoke emotion in those who view them…It is my passion to share our cultural heritage through my artworks so others can gain understanding and appreciation for our ancient culture”. This sentiment comes through in each of her pieces—whether it’s a colourful painting or a simple stone adorned with intricate designs—and makes them even more special to those who receive them as gifts during events or buy them as decoration or mementos for their homes or offices.

For anyone looking for an original way to honour their connection to the Aboriginal culture at an upcoming event, look no further than Donna Hensen’s stunning hand-painted stones! Whether you need something special for your wedding day or just want something unique to decorate your walls with, there’s no better way than one of Donna Hensen’s beautiful hand-painted stones!

Stones sizes and retail prices:

Small : $10

Large: $15

Contact Donna for orders or wholesale enquiries: 0499630229