Aboriginal Unisex Jerseys

Be Proud to Wear Aboriginal Unisex Jerseys

There has never been a better time to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity than now. And what better way to do this than by rocking unique Aboriginal unisex jerseys designed by award-winning artist, Donna Hensen?

These jerseys tell a story and are vibrant, allowing you to showcase your artistic and cultural side.

Avoid the dull bland colours you can get from chain stores. These jerseys will set you apart in a world where manufactured and mass-produced items are the norm.

Not only are the styles unique, but the designs are also a representation of an ancient and treasured culture, the Aboriginal culture. Each jersey has a story behind it, told through patterns and symbols that have been passed down for generations. By wearing one, you are telling a story of a people and a heritage.

Secondly, these Aboriginal unisex jerseys are pieces of wearable art. Donna Hensen is an internationally renowned artist who has won various awards for her work. Her designs are colourful and captivating, reflecting her deep passion for her art. With the jersey as the canvas, she is able to create something that is both functional and visually stunning. You will be walking around in a piece of art that represents something bigger than just a fashion statement.

Furthermore, supporting Donna Hensen’s work means that you are supporting Indigenous art and culture. Over the last few decades, the Indigenous communities in Australia have had to fight to keep their heritage alive amidst colonization and oppression. One way to support them is to appreciate and support their cultural work. By wearing a Donna Hensen-designed jersey, you are joining the movement to preserve Indigenous culture and acknowledge it as an important part of Australian history.

Lastly, wearing an Aboriginal unisex jersey designed by Donna Hensen sends a message of inclusivity and unity. In a world that is constantly striving for division, embracing cultural diversity and promoting unity should be celebrated. These jerseys represent an opportunity to learn and appreciate something outside of our personal experiences. And it starts with something as simple as what we wear.


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• 100% recycled polyester fabric
• Fabric weight: 4.7 oz/yd² (160 g/m²)
• Two-way stretch fabric
• Moisture-wicking material
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• Double-layered V-neck collar
• Extended size range: 2XS–6XL
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Campsite by the River

Campsite By the River

Camping in the bend of a river, feels like you are embraced by flowing water. The sound soaks into your soul as it washes away your worries.

Many Languages

Many Languages

In Australia, there are more than 250 Indigenous languages including around 800 dialects.

raindrops on my billabong

Raindrops on My Billabong

 It is so beautiful watching the raindrops and sunshine dance together in intricated sparkling ripples on the surface of the water. “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain” Anon.

the emu

It is said that the emu was chosen for the Australian national coat of arms because they represent forward progress. Although the Emu cannot fly it is a strong, and powerful bird.



The didgeridoo has been an Aboriginal symbol of celebrations, ceremonies, connecting land, spirit, water, body and the they breathe. In recognition of how timeless this beautifully crafted instrument is, people all over the world play and enjoy the reverberance of sound through their bodies just as others have felt for thousands of years.