Private Commissions

Get a Unique Piece of Aboriginal Art – From Donna Hensen’s Private Commissions

Aboriginal art has always been an integral part of the culture and history of Australia. It is deeply rooted in traditional culture and is a living tradition that continues to be shared through generations. Donna Hensen, an internationally recognized Aboriginal artist, is creating works of art for clients all around the world. She offers private commissions for those looking for unique pieces to add to their collection.

Donna’s work often depicts complex stories from her own life and experiences as an Indigenous Australian woman. Drawing from her own cultural background, she creates incredible pieces that reflect both traditional and contemporary perspectives on life. Her paintings are unique and personal, each one conveying a powerful message about her identity as an artist. Her artwork has been featured in international exhibitions and has won various awards for its excellence including the prestigious National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA).

Personal Connections

When it comes to private commissions, Donna works with her clients every step of the way ensuring that they have a personal connection to their commissioned piece. Through this process, clients gain insight into Donna’s artistic process while working with her directly towards creating something beautiful and meaningful together. For those looking for something special, this is the perfect way to get a unique piece of art from one of Australia’s most talented Indigenous artists!

Donna Hensen and Lewis Hensen

Commissioned to do a painting for the Legal Aid Qld Office for their Indigenous Branding and Possible Corporate Gifts. 

The above painting was a collaboration with my son Lewis, who is also an amazing artist in his own right. We captured all the Legal Aid Qld offices, the number of staff in each one plus the totems of the language groups they are situated on. 


Both motorbike paintings were commissioned by a New Zealand bike enthusiast. Both paintings are Aboriginal dot works.
Indigenous Boxing Gloves

Indigenous Boxing Gloves

Indigenous Belly Art

Mould of a Pregnant Belly for a Client

Rainbow Serpent Plate

Rainbow Serpent Plate

2 Goannas Plate

2 Goannas Circling the Billabongs



One of a Kind Sandals