The Stories Behind Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art is a unique form of art that has developed over centuries to express the deep connection to the land, spirituality, and culture. It is one of the oldest forms of art in Australia and is deeply rooted in Indigenous knowledge, tradition and the personal stories from Country (Language Group) What makes it special is how symbols and dots become the story – it’s like braille for art! Donna Hensen’s artwork is meant to be touched and felt, allowing even visually impaired people to appreciate Aboriginal Art for the first time.

Aboriginal Art Through Dots

In traditional Aboriginal painting, the artist gives meaning to the symbol or a single dot can represent many things – from stars in the sky to small animals or fish swimming in water. Lines can be used to represent rivers or paths that lead through country; they may also be used to tell stories about different events such as ceremonies or significant journeys undertaken by ancestors. In some cases, raised dots are also used to create tactile images and patterns so that visually impaired people can ‘see’ what is being painted through touch. This allows them to join in with the appreciation of Aboriginal Art for the first time.


Aboriginal Art is and ever evolving artform, not just about creating aesthetically pleasing visuals – telling stories of what’s really important to us…our land, culture, food, traditions and our family groups.

Each artist shares their stories giving viewers an insight into how Aboriginal people live their lives today as well as how they lived centuries ago. These stories often depict spiritual beliefs, ceremonial activities, and ancestral journeys which have been passed down orally through generations, allowing people all over the world to connect with Australian Indigenous culture no matter where they come from.

Aboriginal Art is unique because it allows us to connect with an Indigenous culture like never before by visually interpreting stories told by our ancestors hundreds of years ago.

We encourage everyone who appreciates beautiful visuals but also values powerful storytelling behind them to discover more about this incredible form of art today!

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