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Celebrating Aboriginal Artistry with Donna Hensen

Donna Hensen is an Aboriginal artist who creates tactile, vibrant pieces of artwork that grace the walls of galleries around Australia. Not only that, but you can also find her at many art festivals where she shares her prints and engages with the community. .

Celebrated in Galleries
Donna’s work has been featured in galleries across Australia, from Sydney to Melbourne and beyond. Her pieces focus on traditional aboriginal art, depicting stories and symbols such as the Rainbow Serpent and other Dreamtime stories. When experiencing her work in galleries, viewers are treated to a unique insight into the Aboriginal culture while also being able to appreciate the beauty of the artwork itself. This allows them to get closer to Aboriginal history and traditions while still enjoying a visual feast.

At Art Festivals
In addition to finding Donna’s works in galleries, you can also experience her work first-hand at art festivals around Australia. At these events, Donna will often be present so you can meet her and ask questions about her artwork or just have a chat with an artist who is passionate about their craft! She sells tactile prints which allow people to touch her artwork without damaging it – this is particularly important for visually impaired clients who won’t be able to fully understand the image without being able to feel it as well. Plus, talking directly with Donna gives viewers an even better insight into what inspired each piece and why she chose certain colors or shapes for particular works.

Donna Hensen’s Aboriginal artwork has been celebrated both within galleries across Australia as well as at Art Festivals where visitors can get up close and personal with her tactile prints. By experiencing Donna’s words first hand people can get closer to Aboriginal culture while still enjoying a visual feast created by one of Australia’s most talented artists! Whether you’re interested in traditional Aboriginal art or just appreciate beautiful visuals, there’s something for everyone when viewing Donna Hensen’s work!


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September 2022

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Echidna and Wattle.

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