Donna Hensen & Robert Broekman of Kinbrook
Everyone Says..WOW!

Exciting new 3D Tactile/Sensory Printing. Feel the art, dots & the story. 

A collaboration between  DONNA HENSEN DESIGNS  and  KINBROOK PRINTING has led to an exciting new product that won a BRONZE award from the PRINTING INDUSTRY CREATIVITY AWARD.

Kinbrook Printing with Donna Hensen Designs developed new technology to make my prints tactile, just like my original paintings.

Single dots are raised or lines can be raised. “It’s like braille for art”  These are now available for sale in a variety of sizes.

The cards come with envelopes. Prints can be on A4 artboards or canvas A4 and A2.

Click on the images below to purchase. You will be sent to a page where you can choose the size you want.

The audio stories are below the images.

Email for order forms or enquiries. 

A - Strength in Connections
B -Campsite by the river
C - Mysterious Escape
D - Golden Perch & Dragonflies
E - Raindrops on my Billabong
F- Didj
G - Search for Belonging
H - Reef Fish
I - Curiosity, a love story
J - 6 Mobs