Aboriginal Gift Cards

Donna Hensen’s Unique Aboriginal Emotive and Sensory/tactile Gift Cards

Gift cards have become a go-to gift in recent years, but they can often be seen as an afterthought. Donna Hensen has changed the game with her tactile and emotive gift cards, which are designed to be a piece of art that is held onto rather than thrown away.

Award-winning artist and educator Donna Hensen is based in Australia and has used her platform to create something special for Aboriginal people and art lovers alike. 

The Artwork on the Cards
Donna Hensen’s artwork is inspired by the styles of art that come from the areas around Australia where Aboriginal culture is strong. The artwork captures Aboriginal culture in a beautiful way, making it even more special for those who receive the card as a gift. It also makes the gift cards stand out from traditional gift cards because there is nothing else quite like them on the market.

The tactile nature of the Gift Cards

This type of card is not just eye candy; it is also tactile. This authentic texture adds an extra layer of sophistication to the experience and further reflects Donna Hensen’s commitment to using high-quality materials in all of her products.

No more store-bought generic cards

Donna Hensen’s unique emotive and tactile gift cards are perfect for any occasion—birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or even just because! They offer something truly special that goes beyond simple sentimentality; they represent an appreciation for Aboriginal culture and artistry combined with thoughtful messages to make them truly one-of-a-kind gifts worth holding onto forever. If you’re looking for something different this year when buying your next gift card, consider checking out Donna Hensen’s selection! You won’t regret it!

Emotive Cards

Donna Hensen Non Sensory Cards

$15AUD per card (non-tactile)



Sensory Cards

$20AUD per card

(Cards are 10cm x 14.5 cm)

(In Envelope 12cm x 16cm)

Cards are blank inside